Preventative maintenance

We review the machinery to avoid possible damage by wear and tear.

Corrective maintenance

Repairs of all types of machinery industry.
All kinds of welding, stainless steel, carbon steel, welded aluminum, copper, silver and yellow.

ATEX environments

We have staff and qualificados tools to work in ATEX environments. It is defined as explosive to the mixture with air, under normal atmospheric conditions, of flammable substances in the form of gases, vapors, mists or dusts atmosphere, in which, after ignition, combustion spreads to the entire mixture no burned.

Additional services

Analysis of in situ lubricating bearing assembly by hydraulic nut hydraulic pullers 3 feet to 40 tn. High pressure pump 4000 bar., Measuring accommodations and axes with micron 25m / m to 600m / m …

Alignment and pine nuts

Align the axes of all types of pumps and couplings with laser technology, ensuring alignment perform 100%. align pulleys and piños of all kinds by laser technology and verification of tightening belts and chains.


arid plants, asphalt plants, biogas production, composting and solid waste (MSW), gas scrubbers, tire recycling plants.

We have over 20 years of continuous experience in the sector fully dedicated.

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