Corrective maintenance

We offer a variety of needs that may require an industrial facility.

  • SMAW welding, MIG / MAG, TIG with different types of materials.
  • Pumps or fans alignment using laser technology.
  • Pulley alignment using laser technology and checking adjustment straps.
  • Possibility of working environment and ATEX explosive atmospheres.

Service 24h!


Unscheduled corrective maintenance or incidental damages are a problem for production and plant availability. For this reason we offer necessary services if retainer and emergency response 24 hours on weekdays and holidays for our customers days.



The imbalance is the main cause of breakdown in mechanical rotating machines. This phenomenon is due to the nonuniform mass distribution subjected to rotation.


Why some machines make more noise than others? Why the car steering wheel vibrates at certain speeds? Almost daily we find a phenomenon that is often underestimated: the imbalance.
In a balance no balance if both sides have the same weight. Similarly must imagine the weight distribution of a rotor with respect to its axis of rotation. If the weight is not distributed equally, we talk about desequilbrio. When you rotate a rotor with imbalance, centrifugal forces, vibrations and noises that amount to increase the speed generated.

Useful life:
Bearings, supports, housing and fundamentals are the greatest burden and suffer more wear. Bad products or unbalanced usually have a much shorter life.

The vibrations can loosen the screws and nuts until release fasteners. Switches and electrical connections can be damaged by vibration.
The imbalance can negatively influence the correct and safe operation, increasing the danger to people and machines.

Working with a manual machine with high vibrations the result will not have much precision and effort will be higher. Also in machine tools, vibrations negatively influence the result. A grinding machine tool or poorly balanced high speed leaves the surface with a poor quality and produces more losses.


Smooth operation without noise will always be also a sign of quality. Thus imbalance can significantly lower their competitiveness. A vibrating appliance or a noisy car will not succeed in the market.

Vibrations and noises can be eliminated by balancing rotating parts. Thus the distribution of its mass is improved, smaller forces to act on the supports. The balance must also consider the type of imbalance.